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Solar Street Light Market in Africa

In Africa, home to 15 percent of the world's population, about 90 percent of the rural population has no electricity, and many city streets are unlit. Therefore, the level of lighting industry in Africa is low and there is a considerable market gap. In recent years, Africa has been working to develop sustainable lighting solutions that effectively address electricity consumption, such as the UN-led Lighting Africa Charity and Development Program: We provide energy-saving LED lighting to African users. With the rapid development of modern cities in Africa, diversified LED lighting markets in markets, stations, shopping malls, and other places are constantly driving up the demand for LED lighting year by year.

Solar Street Light Projects

Solar street lamps have developed rapidly in recent years, with the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, zero electricity, easy installation and so on, quickly into the public's vision. Solar street lamps entered the African market and quickly won the favor of African users.

In many parts of Africa, sunshine resources are abundant, but the electricity supply is seriously insufficient, so electricity is very tight in Africa. However, solar energy can help Africa solve the problem of insufficient electricity supply.

We all know that solar street lamps use bulk solar panels to absorb solar radiation and store it in batteries to generate electricity. There is enough solar radiation in Africa, so it is basically no problem to keep the light on for a long time. And because of the low rainfall in Africa, solar-powered street lamps can be lit year-round.

Kenya as an important trade center in Africa, and its economy is developing fast, meanwhile, the government promised that by 2025, the power to cover 70% of the population, such as infrastructure, also further promote Kenya's economic zone, industrial park, commercial and residential building and the construction of tourist resort is booming, Kenya is expected to become one of the global markets with great development potential for basic lighting and municipal lighting.

In addition, with more affordable solar street light wholesale, batteries and panels, and innovative business plans, millions of households in Africa and elsewhere will be able to switch from kerosene and incandescent bulbs to more technologically advanced lighting fixtures.

Nowadays, solar-powered street lamps are becoming more and more popular in Africa. This kind of outdoor light is very feasible in sunny countries, which can improve the living standard of local people, and can be used in remote areas.

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