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Flexible and Convenient LED Solar Integrated Lamp

LED Solar Integrated Lamp is a type of solar street light, primarily utilizing high-power semiconductor LED light source, featuring energy-saving, environmentally friendly, long service life, adopting solar driving technology, without the need for electrical grid installation, nor street light poles, offering flexible usage, suitable for urban road central areas and other places for illumination.

LED Solar Integrated Lamp Features

Compact design. LED Solar Integrated Lamp organically combines the light source, controller, battery, and solar panel together, featuring a compact design, and with technological progress, saves space and materials, reducing material cost.

Easier installation. Integrated design, no need for wiring, extremely convenient installation, can adopt various installation methods, time-saving, labor-saving, and effort-saving. It can be installed on the wall as a wall-mounted street light, or on the light pole for road lighting, or even on a support with good lighting, requiring just a few screws, very convenient.

LED Solar Integrated Lamp Applications

Road lighting: Main city roads, including the sides of main city roads, important functional areas, commercial areas, residential areas, etc., where the street light brightness is not high, suitable for night-time illumination.

Municipal lighting: LED Solar Integrated Lamp suitable for municipal roads, sidewalks, underpasses, pedestrian overpasses, etc.; including street light control boxes, solar panels, batteries, and other main components.

Landscape lighting: LED Solar Integrated Lamp suitable for park, plaza, scenic area, garden, and within scenic spots road lighting.

LED Solar Integrated Lamp vs. Separate Solar Street Lights: Which Is Better

LED Solar Integrated Lamp and traditional solar street lights work on basically the same principle, in terms of structure, LED Solar Integrated Lamp combines the lamp head, battery panel, battery, and controller all in one lamp head, this design can pair with a pole or an arm. Whereas, for separate solar street lights, the battery, LED lamp head, photovoltaic panel are separate, necessitating a pole with the battery buried underground. Integrated solar lights are designed for simpler installation and are lighter in weight. This saves on installation and commissioning costs, as well as transportation costs of the products.

Maintenance of integrated solar street lights is more convenient as well; just need to disassemble the lamp head and send it back to the factory. However, maintenance of separate solar road lights is much more complex. When damage occurs, the manufacturer needs to dispatch technicians for on-site repair, requiring checking everything from the battery, photovoltaic panel, LED lamp head, wires, etc., one by one for faults.

From this perspective, doesn't it seem like integrated solar street lights are better? Actually, LED Solar Integrated Lamp and separate solar lights, which one is better depends on the installation scenarios. For roads with high lighting requirements, such as major roads, highways, etc., LED Solar Integrated Lamps are recommended, whereas for alleys, communities, industrial areas, rural areas, town streets, village streets, etc., LED Solar Integrated Lamps are more recommended. Of course, which type of solar light to install also depends on the budget.

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