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Anern Solar Controller

Anern Solar Controller

A solar controller, also known as a solar charge controller, controls the electrical energy generated by solar panels entering the battery. Almost all solar power systems using battery power are in great need of solar power charge controllers. The primary function of solar controllers for sale is to ensure that the battery is charged correctly and to prevent overcharging. As a professional solar controller company in China, Anern provides solar controller for sale at great prices!

Solar Charge Controller Types For Sale

MPPT Solar Charge Controller(MSC)

Anern's MSC is a multi-level maximum power point tracking (MPPT) photovoltaic battery charge controller with independent technology.

PWM Solar Charge Controller

The PWM solar power charge controller is a traditional solar charge and discharge controller with mature technology and high stability.
Why Buy Solar Charge Controller From Anern?

Why Buy Solar Charge Controller From Anern?

The solar charge controllers of Anern are MPPT solar controller and PWM solar controller. Our hybrid solar charge controller can control the charge and discharge conditions of the battery, and combined with our solar controller, one can increase the power generation of the solar module. It can also reverse-connect protection to solar cells.

Real Time Monitoring

Anern hybrid charge controller can monitor the process of charging and discharging, and timely alarm if any problem is found.

Assist Heat Dissipation

Save on the fee of maintenance and cost.

Overcharge Protection

When the charging voltage is higher than the protection voltage, the battery is automatically disconnected from charging.

Open Circuit Protection

When the battery is open and the solar cell is normally charged, the solar power charge controller will limit the voltage on both sides of the load.

Anern - Solar Controller Manufacturer & Supplier

Anern - Solar Controller Manufacturer & Supplier

Anern - Solar Controller Manufacturer & Supplier

The main types of solar controller in Anern are MPPT solar controller and PWM solar controller. Photovoltaic battery charging controller is applied in solar power system, coordinating the work of solar panel, battery and load, which is the brain of photovoltaic system. Our LiFePO4 solar charge controller can not only provide multiple protection, but also WIFI remote monitoring and external screen control.

With 15 years of experience in residential and commercial solar power storage, Anern can develop scientific solutions tailored to each customer's situation. As one of the leading solar controller manufacturers in China, Anern has professional Research and development teams of solar pioneers, installed megawatt solar capacity in more than 200 countries and regions, providing OEM/ODM services.

Solar Battery Charger Controller FAQs

Solar Battery Charger Controller FAQs

What does solar controller do?

The solar battery charger controller is used to prevent the battery from overcharging by regulating the voltage and current from the solar panel to the battery.

① Stable discharge current

② Make sure the battery is not over-discharged

③ Detect and protect the load and battery

How do solar controller work?

If the current generated by the solar energy panel is directly supplied to the solar battery or the load, the solar battery or the load will be damaged. Anern solar cell charge controller is used to adjust the power supply through MPPT technology or PWM technology, and add protection. It can ensure the safety and longevity of battery or load operation.

What is solar controller?

The full name of the solar charge controller is the solar charge and discharge controller, which is an automatic control device used in the solar power system to control the solar panel to charge the solar battery and the solar battery to supply power to the solar inverter load.

When is it necessary to use solar controller?

In a complete solar system, if you use the low frequency inverter of Anern, you need to use it with a suitable solar controller, but the hybrid solar inverter of Anern is not required.

Can solar controller work without battery?

Without a battery, the solar charge controller will not work.

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