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Anern Best-Design Solar Street Light

Anern Best-Design Solar Street Light

Anern is a company that focuses on the R&D, production and sales of solar street lights. It has rich experience in solar street light projects; it not only has efficient production capabilities, but also attaches great importance to improving core technology. Among them, SLX, SLA, and SL street lights are the best-designed solar street lights, integrating beauty and efficiency. They have adjustable brackets that can be flexibly adjusted according to road conditions.

Anern Best-Design Solar Street Light Wholesale

150w 200w Double-sided Panel Split Solar Street Light(SLX)

AN-SLX wholesale solar led street light is with independent design of double-sided solar panel, maximumly improved the power generation by 30%~50%. Specially designed for high-end project.

Adjustable Led Module All-in-one Solar Street Light(SLA)

AN-SLA is a multi-functional, cost-effective solar LED street lamp. Anern brand new patented design.

RGB Tail-light Separated Solar Street Light(SL)

AN-SL series solar LED streetlight with independent solar panel bracket, customizable capacity of solar panel and battery, solar panel can be adjusted according to different environment,360° adjustable angle.
Anern Best-Design Solar Street Light Solutions

Anern Best-Design Solar Street Light Solutions

As a renewable energy application, solar street lights are developing rapidly. Its application is no longer limited to urban roads but is widely used in public places, parks, communities and rural roads. Solar street lights use solar panels to absorb light energy and convert it into electrical energy, which is stored in lithium batteries. When night comes, electric energy is efficiently used to provide continuous lighting for the roads.

Urban Road Lighting

Solar street lights can be used for various road lighting such as main and secondary roads and alleys in the city.

Rural Road Lighting

In rural areas, due to the lack of power resources, traditional grid street lights are difficult to install. Solar street lights do not require laying wires and cables and are easy to install, providing a better solution for rural road lighting.

Scenic Area Lighting

Distributed installation according to the different needs of the scenic area, without being restricted by the power grid, saving electricity costs.

Road and Bridge Lighting

Solar street lights are also suitable for lighting in special areas such as bridges and highways.

Anern Best-Design Solar Street Light FAQS

Anern Best-Design Solar Street Light FAQS

Why choose Anern best-design solar street light?

Because the best-designed solar street lights have adjustable brackets, the brackets can be adjusted according to road conditions and can meet lighting needs in different environments. The four lighting modes can be flexibly switched through the remote control. The IP rating is above 65, which can adapt to various harsh environments and weather.

What's the features and advantages of Anern best-design solar street light?

With adjustable angle; Has four lighting modes; High lumen LED light sources; IP65 or above guard level

What's the difference between best-design solar street light and other solar street light?

The biggest difference between the best-design solar street lights and other street lights is that the best design solar street lights can adjust the bracket angle according to the road conditions to ensure the best lighting effect of the street lights. Lighting requirements vary under different road conditions, and only flexible adjustment of the bracket can meet the requirements of different scenarios.

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Focus on providing customers with one-to-one services, and one-stop solar system solutions.

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Anern has set up a professional R&D team, 70% of the products are exclusively designed.

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Anern has cooperated with customers in more than 200+ countries regions around the world, and is a reliable supplier for customers.

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Anern factory covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters, and the supply capacity can fully meet any needs of customers.

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