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Residential Solar System

The residential solar power system solution is to convert solar energy into electrical energy through solar panel to solve your household electricity needs, with the advantage of low input cost, easy installation, small floor space and high return. Anern has been producing residential solar power generation systems with over 15 years of experience. Our residential solar power systems are divided into off-grid and on-grid solar power generation systems. The off-grid solar power generation system mainly consists of a solar panel, controller, and patented off-grid inverter, and patented lithium/gel battery (optional). The on-grid solar power generation system generally consists of solar panels, controllers, and on-grid inverters, in which can be connected to the national grid and the excess electricity can be sold to the national grid.


Guides To Anern Residential Solar System

Products and Services can be customized based on clients' needs, info required as below

  • The customer's location and sunshine time 

  • The number of household loads and the required loads total power, voltage 

  • The electricity consumption(kwh) and the working hours of electricity demand

  • The installation space of roof/ground 

    Providing quality home power storage solutions, Anern provides all kinds of support for the whole solar power generation system including materials, diagrams, and installation manuals (also videos).

Anern Residential Solar System Worth For Your Home

  • Normal home

The 3-10kw off-grid solar power system, equipped with a low frequency solar inverter, can meet the basic electricity needs of home loads, such as refrigerators, TVs, air conditioners, washing machines, lighting, etc.

  • Places that lack of power, power outage, or power supply from the national grid is inconvenient

Provide electricity demand for places with frequent power outages, places where power outages are difficult to supply after natural disasters, and remote areas without access to electricity.

  • Water boats, outdoor RVs

Small home solar power systems can be used in places where electricity demand is relatively small or the national grid is hard to be connected.

anern residential solar system worth for your home

Anern-Your Residential Solar System Expert

From products to actual needs, Anern can provide you off-grid and on-grid solar power generation systems with high-quality solutions.

  • Our factory and manufacture

Anern is a professional solar energy manufacturer integrating manufacturing and trade with more than 15 years of export experience. All products are directly exported worldwide after finished product in our factory.

  • Our Brand

Anern Energy is a leading brand in the solar energy industry and a very trustworthy and reliable brand in this industry. All products with the Anern label in the market are the guarantee of quality and the first choice of customers.

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