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Global Demand for Solar PV Installed Hits Record High

A review of the global PV market in 2021, due to the impact of overseas epidemics and the high price of the photovoltaic industry chain, the installed demand has not been fully released. In the context of the vigorous development of renewable energy and the intensification of the European energy crisis, according to market analysis, with the release of silicon material expansion capacity and the decline in prices of various links in the industrial chain, it is expected that the demand for new photovoltaic installations in 2022 will increase by 41.18% year-on-year. It reached 240GW, an increase of about 9% from the previous forecast of 220GW.

Asia Pacific: China, India, Australia are the main incremental markets

China: From January to April 2022, the newly installed capacity in China will be 16.88GW, a year-on-year increase of 138%, and the demand for households will continue to grow rapidly. Government bidding is active. It is estimated that the newly installed capacity in 2022 is expected to reach 85GW, an increase of 13% from the previous forecast of 75GW.

India: 5.99GW of new installed capacity will be added from January to April 2022, a year-on-year increase of 97.3%. At the 2021 United Nations Climate Summit, India proposed a goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2070, which is expected to push the installed capacity to 16GW in 2022.

Australia: In 2021, Australia will add 4.61GW of photovoltaic installed capacity, mainly rooftop photovoltaics, with a cumulative installed capacity of 25.3GW. In order to release the pressure on the grid, states have actively introduced policies such as subsidies and interest-free loans to stimulate the development of energy storage systems.

Global Demand for Solar PV Installed Hits Record High

Europe: Policy support + target increase, PV installed demand will reach 49.08GW in 2022

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has accelerated the development of renewable energy. In order to completely get rid of the dependence on Russian natural gas, European countries are accelerating the construction of renewable energy power generation capacity.

Germany: The German Federal Minister of Economic Affairs has proposed a series of energy measures, raising the proportion of renewable energy power and proposing that the cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaics will be raised to 215GW in 2030 (previously 200GW), and the newly installed capacity will reach 22GW in 2026 (previously 20GW in 2028) ), German photovoltaics will usher in an explosive period in the next five years.

Spain: Spain plans to launch the third round of renewable energy tenders in April 2022, including 140WM distributed photovoltaic projects. It is expected that the new installed capacity of photovoltaics in Spain will reach 7.55GW in 2022.

Netherlands/Poland: The country is expected to have a cumulative installed PV capacity of 34GW by 2030, according to forecasts by Dutch grid operator Tennet. Most of the newly installed capacity in Poland in 2021 will be distributed projects, and favorable measures such as the net metering tariff policy have promoted the development of the distributed photovoltaic market in Poland.

Americas: The United States, Brazil, and Chile occupy the top three market positions

United States: The United States has issued a new policy in response to the previous anti-circumvention investigation of the four Southeast Asian countries, proposing that no new tariffs will be imposed on imported solar photovoltaic modules and solar photovoltaic brackets within two years.

Brazil: Distributed photovoltaics are developing rapidly, and the government has given tax incentives. As well as conducting multiple project auctions, totaling 4.9GW.

Chile: There are many reserve projects, large development space, and many photovoltaic projects to be built.

Middle East and Africa: Good lighting resources + policy support, full of development momentum

Saudi Arabia: At the end of 2021, the total installed capacity of renewable energy in Saudi Arabia will be less than 500MW, which is a huge gap with the photovoltaic 40GW stipulated in the "Vision 2030", and the market potential is huge.

South Africa: The power shortage is serious. The newly installed photovoltaic capacity in 2021 is less than expected, only 23MW. It is expected that the demand for photovoltaic installed capacity will explode to 1.6GW in 2022.

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