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Commecial Solar System

There are three types of commercial solar energy systems in Anern Energy: off-grid solar energy systems, grid-connected solar energy systems, and hybrid solar energy systems. Anern Energy's commercial solar system solutions provide maximum flexibility and efficiency in solar power generation, electricity consumption and energy storage for various solar projects.

No matter what your needs, Anern can provide you with professional and reliable solutions, 100% of customers can benefit from Anern's commercial solar system.

Commecial Solar System

Guides To Anern Commecial Solar System

  • One-stop solar system solution: Anern Energy takes high standards to strictly develop solutions, and all products are tested and certified. We have a professional R&D team that can provide consulting services throughout the project cycle.

  • Professional information sharing: Anern Energy provides targeted professional information sharing according to the customer's knowledge level. We provide different services according to the customer's project stage, target group and existing knowledge.

  • Trustworthy after-sales service: No matter where the customer is, Anern's professional service will always be online. During the whole process of installation, commissioning, and operation, Anern will always follow up on the service and provide product support for customers.

Anern Solar System Feasibility For Different Commecial Applications

  • Commercial on-grid solar system: such as large ground power station, with a supply capacity of 100KW or more, generally built on wasteland; On-grid solar power system covers a wide area and can be directly put on the grid and sold to the power company to get a return on investment.

  • Commercial hybrid off-grid solar system: such a as factory rooftop/commercial rooftop power station, built on the roof of an industrial factory, part of the electricity generated is for the factory or shopping mall's own use, and the remainder can be sold to the power company.

  • Small and medium-sized off-grid solar systems: such as universities or schools and other public utilities for their own use. The scale is smaller than large power plants 

  • Customized projects of various types of solar energy systems

Anern-Your Commercial Solar System Expert

Anern Energy Commercial Solar Energy Storage System can provide electricity to places with high demand for electricity, complex environment and high-quality requirements, which requires high quality of products and company strength as well.

1. Our factory and manufacture

Solar energy systems for industrial use, from 20kw to megawatt level solar projects, require high quantity and quality of solar energy storage products, and Anern Energy's professional factories can provide professionally manufactured products for solar projects no matter how high level they are, with direct factory sales.

2. Our Brand

Over the past 14 years, Anern Energy has completed more than 10 MW of solar projects every year. The fact that so many countries and regions around the world have chosen Anern Energy to complete the solar energy storage projects they need reflects the power of the Anern Energy brand and the strength of the brand.

anern your commercial solar system expert

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