1000 Sets of Street Lights Project in Saudi Arabia
Delease Date:2021-04-13

1000 sets of government street lights project, completed in July 2020 in Saudi Arabia
AN-SLA series is an all-in-one solar street with patented design, the most prominent advantage,three-type high-brightness LED module available, adjustable angle, adjustable module, became the first choice of projects.


Anern brand new patented design with appearance and performance upgrade. Adjustable module design, 25 degrees optional. Using high-light Bridgelux chips, lumen up to 210LM/W. Using new LifePo4 battery, reject second-hand type. Adopt 140 degrees light-emitting lens, same height but more greater exposed area. Four lighting modes, can be setting by remote control within 30meters. Using new Lifepo4/Lithium battery, four lighting modes.

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