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50 Sets of 3.2KW EVO Inverter In Mali

Project Name: Purchased 50 sets of 3.2KW EVO inverter in Mali

Date: 5 February 2024

Project Site: Mali

Quantity and specific configuration: 50 Sets Of 3.2KW EVO Inverters

Project description: 

This customer left a message on our website. He clearly told our sales lady from the beginning that he had a strong interest in purchasing EVO inverters and proposed a specific target price. He hopes to buy our products at this price and expresses his strong expectation for low prices.

After receiving the customer's inquiry, our sales team did not respond immediately. Instead, they patiently communicated through multiple emails and phone calls to gain an in-depth understanding of his needs and budget, and sent him a 3.2KW EVO. sample. When the customer received the sample and inspected it carefully, he expressed his extreme satisfaction with the quality and performance of the product. He believes that although the price of this inverter is slightly higher than he expected, its excellent quality and excellent performance are completely worth the price.

Finally, this customer decided to place an order for our EVO inverter. He wrote in the order confirmation email: "Although it is not our target price, we like your products and services! We are deeply satisfied with your professionalism and patience, and we believe that this cooperation will bring us long-term value."



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