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Anern Off/On Grid Solar Power System

Anern Off/On Grid Solar Power System

Anern's solar systems include off-grid solar system and grid-connected solar system. The off-grid power system is mainly composed of solar cells, inverters, controllers and batteries, which is independent of the grid to complete solar power supply. Both on-grid and off-grid solar power systems can be used to power small projects such as household, schools, hospitals and farms, as well as large sites such as commercial buildings or power stations.

On&Off Grid Solar Power System for Sale

Off-grid Home Solar Power System 3-10kw Lithium Battery

This off grid hybrid solar system series is mainly the best choice for household PV systems, equipped with wall-mounted lithium batteries and high-quality inverters independently developed by Anern.

Off-grid Solar Power System 15-30kw

Specializing in solar project customization. Anern can configure the most suitable off-grid solar power system according to your actual needs.

On-grid Solar Power System

On-grid solar systems are suitable for large scale projects such as commercial or government power stations. At the same time, it is an economical and practical choice for enterprises.
What Makes Anern On&Off Grid Solar System Stand Out?

What Makes Anern On&Off Grid Solar System Stand Out?

The most representative advantage of on&off grid solar system is their wider applicability. Because it relies on sunlight to generate electricity, the on&off grid solar system is not limited by geographical conditions and can be installed anywhere if there is plenty of sunlight. And solar systems don't need to move, and their components age much less, so they don't have a bad impact on the environment.

Constantly Updated Technology

The solar power battery we use is a new generation technology, with optional lithium/lead-acid batteries.

Absorb More Solar Energy

High efficiency photovoltaic module, using anti-reflective glass.

Produce More Electricity

Equipped with the corresponding on-grid off-grid solar inverter to ensure more efficient power generation.

Intelligent Controller

Multiple protection: deep discharge protection, short circuit protection, input surge voltage, over current protection, etc.

On&Off Grid Solar System Diagram Introduction

On&Off Grid Solar System Diagram Introduction

On&Off Grid Solar System Diagram Introduction

Solar power generation is not affected by seasonal factors. Solar power generation is not affected by seasonal factors. For hydropower or wind power, seasonal variations can affect the efficiency of the generation. When using solar energy, as long as there is no shelter, it can generate electricity stably. Solar power is convenient to install. As long as solar panels are placed in sunlight, they can generate electricity steadily.

The working principle is to use the solar module to absorb sunlight and convert it into electric energy and store it in the battery through the solar power controller. When the user needs electricity, the inverter will convert the DC stored in the battery bank into AC, and then joint controller control the battery to supply power to the load.

On&Off Grid Solar Power System FAQs

On&Off Grid Solar Power System FAQs

How does on-grid solar power system work?

In a on-grid photovoltaic system, the on-grid hybrid solar inverter converts the direct current generated by the solar panels into alternating current for industrial or domestic use.

How does off-grid solar power system work?

The solar energy panel absorbs solar energy and converts it into electrical energy, which is sent to the inverter, and the direct current is converted into alternating current through the inverter, which is stored in the battery for the load to use.

What are the advantages of off-grid solar power system?

①Avoid unpredictable power outages

②lower electricity bills

③easy to install

④Solar Solutions for Harsh Environmental Conditions

⑤environmentally friendly

Which is better off-grid or grid-tied solar system?

Each has its own advantages. The on-grid solar system does not require batteries, and can obtain state subsidies. It can also sell electricity, but cannot store electricity. The off-grid solar system requires batteries, but can be used independently, mainly for areas without electricity and emergency backup power.

How to configure home off-grid solar system?

①Solar panels in the range of 1.5kw-10.2kw, considering local sunshine conditions

②The battery pack chooses gel storage battery or lithium battery, which is used as backup power

③1.5kw-10.2kw range solar inverter

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