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Anern Solar Panel

Anern Solar Panel

The main material used in Anern solar panels is silicon, which is the core component of the solar system. Solar panel is designed for receiving direct solar energy and completing the conversion of solar energy to electricity. Anern has traditional solar energy panels and portable ones for sale. You can find our bulk solar panels widely applied to house rooftops, commercial offices, outdoor camping, and more.

Bulk Solar Panels For Sale

N-Type Dual Glass Solar Panel

N-Type Dual Glass Solar Panels are the latest high-efficiency solar panels on the market, which use double-sided transparent backplane technology and Half-cut Technology technology. Double-sided output, rear side power gain, increase power generation.

Half Cell Mono Solar Panel

Half-cut solar panel is a standard cell cutting into two identical half-cell, then welded together.

Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Anern series modules consist of mono-crystalline high efficiency silicon cells, which are individually characterized and electronically matched before interconnection and laminated with toughened glass, EVA and Backsheet of high quality.

Polycrystalline Solar Panel

Anern solar modules can be installed easily and work for a long period. They can also withstand the storm, strong wind and hail impact,etc.
What Makes Anern Solar Panel Wholesale Stand Out?

What Makes Anern Solar Panel Wholesale Stand Out?

Anern solar panel has the appearance of smooth lines. The solar PV cells are evenly arranged, with high power generation efficiency. Anti-lid and anti-PID techniques are used to ensure higher actual production over the life cycle. Whether for business or house use, Anern solar panel wholesale is the best choice, and purchasing solar energy equipment is actually a sound investment.

13 Years experience of manufacturing

Super competitive in the solar panel business filed

Diverse structure

Anern photovoltaic solar panels have various structures for options

Low cost

Solar energy is a kind of sustainable energy development

Flexible installation

The solar PV panel system can be installed on the roof and ground, etc.

Strong compatibility

Configurable mainstream high-efficiency batteries

Outstanding quality

All bulk buy solar panels from Anern are repeatedly tested before delivery

Multi-layer coating process

No hidden welding cracks, no yellowing issues


Anern solar panel holds 25 years of life-span guarantee, 8 years of warranty

Anern Solar Panels Apply To Different Scenarios

Anern Solar Panels Apply To Different Scenarios

Anern Solar Panels Apply To Different Scenarios

Commercial buildings have many electrical equipment such as cooling/heating, elevators, lights, etc., which are places with high energy consumption, are suitable for installing PV solar panels to generate electricity. In the ground parking lot, carport photovoltaic systems can be installed to achieve the dual purpose of generating electricity and shading the car.

The solar panels on the roof of the home can block the strong sunlight and form an insulating layer with the roof, which can effectively reduce the room temperature, not only protecting the environment but also saving energy and electricity.

Portable wholesale solar panels allow our electronic devices to be charged during outdoor activities such as camping, travel, etc., and avoid running out of power. Used with other Anern solar energy equipment, the solar panel systems for sale can well solve the problem of difficulty in using electricity outdoors.

Anern Solar Panel System FAQs

Anern Solar Panel System FAQs

How many types of solar panels?

There are three types of bulk-buy solar panels on the market:

1. Mono silicon solar cells, Anern's half-cell mono solar panel series can reach a conversion efficiency of up to 22%

2. Poly silicon solar cells. The conversion efficiency is lower than that of mono-silicon cells,  which average conversion efficiency of the market is about 12%.

3. Amorphous silicon solar cells, whose main advantage is that they can generate electricity even in low sunlight conditions, But the conversion efficiency is lowest and unstable.

Lifespan of solar panels?

As one of the leading solar panel manufacturers in China, Anern provides quality solar panel wholesale with a lifespan of up to 25 years.

How do solar panels work?

The main material of Anern solar panel is silicon. Photovoltaic solar panels are devices that convert solar radiation directly or indirectly into electrical energy through the photoelectric effect by absorbing sunlight.

How much do solar panels cost?

First, the solar energy panel cost depends on the quality of crystalline silicon cells, Second the packaging material also affects the solar module prices. As one of the leading solar panel wholesale suppliers in China, Anern always provides our customers with the best wholesale solar panels at factory price.

What is the best operating temperature for solar panels?

25° is the best working temperature for Anern solar panels. If it is below -10°or higher than 50°, the conversion efficiency and lifespan of solar cell panels will be affected.

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