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Techniques for Increasing the Power Generation of Solar Power System

As we all know, it is not immediately usable once solar energy is converted into electricity. This is mainly because the current produced is AC, while your household appliances require DC, and cannot be used without processing. At this time, the role of the solar inverter is manifested. It connects two very critical systems in the communication power system. After being processed, the electricity can be used by you.So, what are the techniques for improving the Anern solar power system's power generation?

Tilt angle of Anern solar power system modules

The direction angle of solar modules is usually chosen to be due south so that the power generation of one unit of Anern solar power system capacity is maximized. However, within±20° of due south, there is little danger to power generation. If conditions permit, it should be tilted around southwest20° to achieve higher conversion efficiency.

Efficiency and quality of Anern solar power system modules

Calculation formula: Theoretical power generation = annual solar radiation × installed capacity × system efficiency.

There are two factors involved, solar cell surface area and photoelectric conversion efficiency. The conversion efficiency has a direct impact on the power generation of the power station.

Module matching loss

Whenever cells are connected in series, current losses occur due to current differences between cells, while cells connected in parallel experience voltage losses due to voltage differences. The loss can exceed8%.

Ensure better ventilation environment for modules

Data indicate that when the temperature rises by 1℃, the power output of crystalline silicon solar module drops by about0.3%. Therefore, to prevent the impact of temperature on power generation, maintaining a good ventilation environment is necessary.

Dust losses should not be underestimated

The panels of crystalline silicon modules are made of tempered glass and organic compounds and a lot of dust accumulates on them when they are exposed to the elements for a long time. Accumulated dust on the surface blocks sunlight, reducing the output efficiency of modules, which directly threatens power generation.

In addition, it will cause the "hot spot" effect on the modules and damage them. Rain can clean them, no special maintenance is required. If adherent pollution occurs, a simple cleaning will do.

Reduce line losses in the Anern solar power system

In the Anern solar power system, cables are a small part, but their impact on power generation cannot be underestimated, so it is suggested that the line loss of direct-current and alternating-current circuits in the system be controlled within5%.

The cables in the system should be well-made, including the insulation performance of cables, the high temperature and flame retardant properties of cables, the moisture and light resistance properties of cables, the type of cable cores, and the size specifications of cables.

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