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How to Customize a 15KW Off-Grid Solar System Configuration?

Choosing the right solar system configuration is crucial for the system's performance. Especially when customizing a 15KW off-grid solar system, the selection of the inverter, charge controller, battery, solar panels, and mounting racks all need to be carefully matched. Here is a detailed interpretation of how to customize the configuration of a 15KW off-grid solar system.

15KW Off-Grid Solar Inverter

First, we need to confirm the system type. For an off-grid system, a 15KW off-grid solar system should be equipped with a 15KW inverter. This inverter features high efficiency, pure sine wave output, and is suitable for off-grid scenarios. Its smart LCD integrated display, adjustable AC charging current, and frequency self-adaptation functions make it perform excellently in different environments.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller

A 15KW inverter system needs to be equipped with a 192V 80A MPPT solar charge controller. The controller's MPPT tracking voltage range, maximum PV input voltage, and other parameters must meet system requirements to ensure efficient capture of solar energy under varying light conditions to provide sufficient power for the system.

Solar Panels

Determining the number of solar panels is crucial. Generally, the total power of the solar panels should be 60%-100% of the inverter power. For instance, with 380 watt solar panels as an example, configure 27 pieces of half-cut monocrystalline 550W solar panels to ensure the system works efficiently under various light conditions.

PV Combiner Box

For a 15KW solar system, a PV combiner box is needed. With two solar panels grouped together, configure 2 PV combiner boxes to ensure the system's connection and safety. The combiner box has a 1000VDC protection function and is suitable for solar systems over 5KW.


For an off-grid 15KW solar system, batteries are used for operation, thus a 58KWH lithium battery is required. The number of batteries should be a multiple of the system voltage to ensure that the system can continue to provide power for the home during the night or low-light conditions.

 Solar Panel Mounts

Considering the number of 27 solar panels, 14 sets of solar panel mounts are needed. These mounts, made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, offer adjustability and stability, suitable for various climate conditions.

With the above configuration, you can ensure that each component of the 15KW off-grid solar system is fully matched to achieve optimum performance. This system not only provides clean power for homes but also ensures a stable and reliable power supply during power outages or shortages. Choose Anern for a sustainable energy future.

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