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The Principle And Composition of Solar Light

The solar luminaire system is a DC independent photovoltaic system. The solar cell module converts solar energy into electric energy, which is controlled and protected by a controller, and converted into chemical energy and stored in the battery. When using electricity, the battery will convert chemical energy into electric energy for DC load use, or through the inverter inverter for AC power for AC load use. The device stops working only when there is no light for so long that the battery runs out of power. Solar street lamp consists of the following parts: solar panel, solar controller, battery, light source, lamp pole and lamp housing, some also equipped with inverter.

Solar Panel

Solar panels are the core part of wholesale solar street lights and the most valuable part of solar street lamps. Its function is to convert the radiation energy of the sun into electric energy, or send to the storage battery. Solar cells are mainly made of monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of monocrystalline silicon is 18% ~ 21%, and that of polycrystalline silicon is 15% ~ 19%. The latest technology also includes thin-film photovoltaic cells. 

Solar Controller

Solar controller solar lighting system is the most important part of the controller, its performance directly affects the life of the system, especially the life of the battery. Controller with industrial MCU main controller, through the measurement of the environment temperature, battery and solar cell components voltage, current and other parameters of the detection and judgment, control MOSFET device open and off, to achieve a variety of control and protection functions. As a leading solar controller company in China, Anern also provides solar controllers for sale.

Storage Battery 

The input energy of the solar photovoltaic system is extremely unstable, so the storage battery system is generally required to work. General lead-acid battery, Ni-Cd battery, Ni-H battery. The selection of battery capacity should generally follow the following principles: first of all, under the premise of meeting the night lighting, the energy of the solar cell module during the day is stored as far as possible, and at the same time, it should be able to store the energy needed to meet the continuous rainy night lighting. The capacity of the battery is too small to meet the needs of night lighting, the capacity is too large, on the one hand, the storage pool is always in the state of deficit, affect the life of the battery, and cause waste. The storage battery should be matched with the solar cell and the electrical load (street lamp). There is a simple way to determine the relationship between them. The solar cell power must be more than four times higher than the load power for the system to work properly. The voltage of the solar cell must exceed the working voltage of the battery by 20% to 30% to ensure normal negative charge to the battery. The capacity of the battery must be more than 6 times higher than the load daily consumption.

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