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Anern Solar Flood Light

Anern Solar Flood Light

Anern energy solar flood light for sale adopts LED lighting with no diffusion effect, and high luminous efficiency. Coupled with the unique double optical design, our solar LED flood lights can illuminate a wider area, again improving the luminous efficiency, to achieve the purpose of energy saving. The solar flood light body is delicate and small, easy to install, no external cable connection.

Solar Flood Lights For Sale

High Brightness Solar Flood Light (AN-SFL-AL)

AN-SFL-AL is made of aluminium alloy shell with high performance lithium battery, and also comes with solar panel. Die-casting aluminium bracket, high mechanical strength, strong wind resistance, IP66 waterproof, suitable for outdoor use.

Efficient Smart Solar Flood Light (AN-SFL-PL)

Anern Solar Flood Light (AN-SFL-PL) are flexible, easy to install and do not require wiring. It has a particularly wide range of applications, such as courtyards, bridges, buildings and so on.
Why Choose Anern As Your Solar Flood Light Factory?

Why Choose Anern As Your Solar Flood Light Factory?

The solar LED flood lights can adjust the irradiation angle arbitrarily to meet the lighting needs of different places. Solar LED floodlight is powered by solar energy, which makes it energy-saving and environmentally protection. Anern solar flood lights for sale have no safety risks and they have a good photoelectric conversion rate. Durable, easy installation, low maintenance cost, solar panels with good air tightness, waterproof and corrosion proof, and high mechanical strength. You can find Anern solar flood lights for outdoors applicable to a variety of places, not restricted by the external environment. Our solar flood lights for outdoors can meet the decorative needs of industrial landscape lighting, courtyard lighting, road lighting, landscape lighting and so on.

Solar Charging

Fast charging,zero electricity bill all year round

Waterproof And Lightning Proof

IP66 waterproof grade

Cable-Free Installation

No need to drill and pull cable installation

Easy Installation

Save labor cost

Longevity And Durability

Strong performance,long endurance

Uniform Luminescence

High color,no light spot

High Brightness LED

Health and environmental protection,high lighting quality

Remote Control Operation

Light switch and adjust the luminosity at any time

Anern Solar Flood Lamp Illuminates Your Path

Anern Solar Flood Lamp Illuminates Your Path

Anern Solar Flood Lamp Illuminates Your Path

Solar LED floodlight has the characteristics of adjusting lighting brightness, remote control, and high lighting brightness. Anern solar flood light for sale can be used in landscape, courtyard villas, parks, buildings and other scenes, to meet decorative lighting needs. Lighting of streets and night operations for large mines.

Solar flood light makes full use of energy resources, energy saving and environmental protection, and can save labor costs when used outdoors. It can prevent rust in outdoor environment and is suitable for outdoor places such as streets, construction sites and sports fields. Solar flood light for sale can provide lighting for night operation, and can also adjust the irradiation angle arbitrarily. The support can be adjusted to meet the requirements of different lighting angles.

As one of the professional solar flood light suppliers in China, Anern can provide you with quality flood lights to meet your different needs.

Solar LED Flood Lights FAQs

Solar LED Flood Lights FAQs

Suitable temperature for solar flood lights?

As a solar flood light factory in China, Anern sells solar flood lights that can work in the temperature range of -25℃ to 65℃.

Solar flood light price?

The price of Anern solar flood light for sale is mainly affected by the following factors:

①The quality of solar flood lights is the main factor affecting the price, and the difference in cost and manufacturing process will lead to the price difference of solar street lights

②The scale of solar flood light manufacturers is a secondary factor affecting the price of solar lights. The large scale of the manufacturer leads to lower prices, and the after-sales service can also be guaranteed. On the contrary, small manufacturers have a lot of other various expenses, and the price of solar lights naturally rises.

As ie of the leading solar flood light manufacturers in China, Anern has many years of experience in the solar light industry and advanced production equipment, quality assurance, price and configuration are reasonable. Anern is your most reliable choice.

How long does it take for a solar flood light to be fully charged?

Anern solar flood lights for sale can be fully charged in 6-8 hours in bright sunlight.

Are solar floodlights easy to install?

The Installation of solar flood lamps does not require power distribution, and cabling connection, it just need install the light body directly on the light pole, and switch it on to illuminate the road.

What is Lumen?

Lumen is the international unit of luminous flux, the higher the lumen of the lamp, the higher the brightness of the lamp.

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