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Anern Solar Street Light

Anern Solar Street Light

Anern is the world's leading one-stop solar street lighting solution provider. As a leading solar street light manufacturer in China, we can provide OEM and ODM solar street lights for sale according to customers' specific requirements. We have private mold patent products, designed to provide customers with high-cost performance, and excellent performance of solar LED street lights.

Anern Solar Street Lightt For Sale

Windproof Design Split Solar Street Light (SSL-T)

SSL-T series LED solar street light is Anern's new streamlined shape design. Large capacity new lithium battery, long service life. Optional motion sensor.

All-in-one Lifepo4 Battery Solar Street Light(SLZ)

AN-SLZ all-in-one solar LED street lamp is very popular in engineering lighting, which is the first choice for engineering lighting. SLZ is a cost-effective solar street light.

All-in-one Solar Street Light 150LM/W (ISSL-C)

AN-ISSL-C solar light street lamp series use imported LG 3030 LED chips, which add an angle adjustable lamp arm and two LED modules for selection.

Adjustable Led Module All-in-one Solar Street Light(SLA)

AN-SLA is a multi-functional, cost-effective solar LED street lamp. Anern brand new patented design.

150w 200w Double-sided Panel Split Solar Street Light(SLX)

AN-SLX wholesale solar led street light is with independent design of double-sided solar panel, maximumly improved the power generation by 30%~50%. Specially designed for high-end project.

Adjustable Angle Split Solar Street Light(SSL-I)

AN-SSL-I solar LED street light is Anern patented design with high brightness bridgelux chips, up to 170lm/W. 

RGB Tail-light Separated Solar Street Light(SL)

AN-SL series solar LED streetlight with independent solar panel bracket, customizable capacity of solar panel and battery, solar panel can be adjusted according to different environment,360° adjustable angle.
Why Buy Solar Street Light Wholesale From Anern?

Why Buy Solar Street Light Wholesale From Anern?

Solar street lighting system provides electricity through solar photovoltaic conversion, which is theoretically inexhaustible and inexhaustible. Where the sun shines, it generates electricity and stores energy. The solar street light installation is much more straightforward than the traditional electric street light, without complex and expensive pipeline laying, energy saving and environmental protection, stable and reliable work, power saving and maintenance free. The use of solar energy resources to alleviate the power shortage situation, to solve people's living needs.

Solar Power Supply

Energy saving and environmental protection, the photoelectric conversion rate of our solar energy panels is high, high charging efficiency.

Avoid Wiring

No need to complicated wiring.

0 Electricity Costs

Anern solar street lights can save electricity bills and expensive maintenance.

IP65 Waterproof

Providing quality solar street light wholesale with excellent corrosion resistance & water and dustproof feature.

High Brightness LED

Color temperature is positive,long service life

Wide Application Area

-25°C -65°C area, Anern solar street lamps for sale are applicable to various scenarios.

Easy Installation

Solar street lighting system saves labor costs.

ource Factory

Complete industrial chain

Solar Street Light Operation

Solar Street Light Operation

Solar Street Light Operation

The composition of solar LED street lamps is of LED light source, solar panel, battery, controller, street light pole and auxiliary materials, etc.

Solar LED street light uses the sun's energy as a light source. During the day, under the control of the intelligent controller, the solar energy panels will absorb the solar energy into electrical energy. When the smart controller detects light down to a specific value, control of the battery will power the LED light source. So when it's dark, the light source will automatically light up to realize the lighting function.

The main function of the solar controller is to protect the battery. The controller can ensure that the battery bank is not damaged due to overcharging or overdischarging, and controls the light source opening and lighting time. At the same time with temperature compensation, lightning protection, reverse polarity protection and other functions. The battery is the core of the intelligent solar streetlight. It conducts the function of the supply of solar street lights, the battery is full, the controller will disconnect the panel and the closed circuit formed by the battery, so that it will not be recharged.

Solar Street Light FAQs

Solar Street Light FAQs

If the solar street lights are controlled with a remote control, are all lights controlled, or just one of them?

All the solar LED street lamps of Anern can be controlled by the remote control, but need be controlled separately. Usually all solar lights have been preset with default setting according to client's requirement, they can automatically work without use of remote control once being installed. The remote control shall be used only in case of demonstration or lighting mode changing.

Suitable installation height for solar street lights?

The installation height of Anern solar street lights is determined by solar light power and the width of the road.

①Solar street lights wholesale below 30W, suitable for light pole height: 4-5 meters (road width 6-8 meters, two lanes)

②30-50W solar street light wholesale, suitable for light pole height: 6-7 meters (road width 8-10 meters, double lane)

③60W solar street light wholesale, suitable for light pole height: 7-8 meters (road width 10-15 meters, three lanes)

④80W solar street light wholesale, suitable for pole height: 8 meters (road width 10-15 meters, 3 lanes)

⑤100W solar street light wholesale, suitable for pole height: 8-9 meters (road width 15-18 meters)

⑤120W and bigger solar street lights wholesale, suitable for pole height: 10 meters or above (road width 18-20 meters)

(As one of the leading solar street light manufacturers in China, Anern will configure the most suitable solar street lights for you according to your actual needs)

How to determine the spacing of each solar street light poles?

①It is determined according to the nature of the road: the pole spacing for urban roads is 20-50 meters; for countryside roads, parks and courtyards, etc., when the light source is relatively weak, the interval is about 15~20 meters.

②The installation interval is also affected by the power of the street solar LED lights and the height of the light pole. For example 60W solar street light, the pole height is 6 meters and the interval is 15-18 meters; the pole height is 8 meters and the interval is 20-24 meters; the pole height is 12 meters and the interval is 32-36 meters.

The installation position of street light solar lamps generally adopts the following three lighting methods: single-side lighting, two-side cross lighting, and two-side symmetrical lighting.

What certificates have Anern solar street lights acquired?

All Anern solar street lights for sale have passed ISO9001, CE, ROHS, TUV, ISO, FC certification, and the product quality is in line with international standards.

The difference between all-in-one solar street lights and split solar street lights?

The solar street lights for sale consist of four basic components. Solar panels, lithium batteries, charge controllers, and high-quality LED modules. Anern all-in-one solar street light contains all the components in the lamp. In the split solar street light, the solar panel or lithium battery is often independent from the lamp body. In some high-latitude countries, split solar street lights will be a better choice. With split design, you can choose bigger capacity of the solar panels and batteries to ensure that the configuration meets the needs and is not limited by the size of the lamps.

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