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100 Sets of Hybrid Inverters In Thailand

Project Name: Purchase of 100 6.2KW EVO inverters in Thailand

Date: 4 January 2024

Project Site: Thailand

Quantity and specific configuration: 100 Sets Of 6.2KW EVO inverters

Project description:

In order to achieve sustainable development of energy, the Thai government actively promotes the application of renewable energy, among which solar power generation has become a key development area. With the continuous advancement of solar power generation technology and the continuous expansion of application scope, the role of inverters in solar power generation systems has become increasingly prominent. Therefore, a supplier in Thailand decided to purchase and install 100 sets of inverters.


After comparing inverters from multiple companies, the Thai supplier finally chose Anern’s 6.2KW EVO inverter. As one of the leading hybrid solar inverter suppliers in China, Anern has independently developed a variety of hybrid solar inverters with different performances. Anern's 6.2KW EVO inverter has AC dual output function. By adding secondary output, it can significantly increase the continuous running time of important loads with low battery power.


After the installation and use of Anern's 6.2KW EVO inverter, it not only improves the overall efficiency of the solar power generation system but also minimizes energy loss. And this will help Thailand reduce its dependence on traditional energy, reduce energy costs, and further achieve sustainable energy development.


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