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Anern LED Outdoor Light

Anern LED Outdoor Light

Anern LED outdoor lights, various styles, to meet the need of different scenes.We have 10+ years of LED outdoor lights export experience. We also provide one-stop OEM/ODM solutions. There is SKD export, you can buy accessories. We have professional packaging design, can customize the box.

Outdoor Led Light Fixtures For Sale

Wall-Mounted 150LM/W LED Flood Light

Products are suitable for office buildings, hotels, family homes and so on. Strong heat dissipation performance, Built-in driver, light transmittance>95%, with anti-ultraviolet and other functions.

High Quality CCT Selectable LED Street Light

Using hight-grade Bridgelux leds, the surface of heat dissipation is dealing with Anodic oxidation corrosion, anticorrosive, waterproof, dust proof level is high.

Circular Perfect Heat-dissipation LED High Bay Light

AN-UHL06 is a cost-effective high bay light.4-in-1 lens design.60°/90°/120° beam angle optional.
Why Choose Anern Outdoor LED Lamps?

Why Choose Anern Outdoor LED Lamps?

LED outdoor lights do not add mercury and other harmful substances, will not cause pollution to the environment, no ultraviolet radiation and infrared radiation harm human health. LED outdoor light has good heat dissipation performance, high temperature resistance and long service life. Good energy saving effect, no glare, pure color, good waterproof and anti-corrosion performance, can deal with all kinds of bad weather, working temperature adaptability is strong, can meet our use in outdoor environment.

Waterproof Lightning Protection

IP67,can deal with all kinds of bad weather

Various Styles

Choose according to demand

High Efficiency LED Chip

High luminous efficiency

Integrated Design

Easy installation,easy maintenance

Good Heat Dissipation Performance

Adapt to various temperature environments

Long Life

Durable,high quality


Reduce visual fatigue and protect eyes

Uniform Light And Color

Uniform and soft light,not dazzling

Create Ambience With Anern LED Outdoor Light

Create Ambience With Anern LED Outdoor Light

Create Ambience With Anern LED Outdoor Light

Light is the soul of the garden, the use of LED outdoor lights to easily create a sense of atmosphere, can make the garden beautiful new height! Garden lighting, importantly the combination of light and shadow with plants, can enrich the spatial hierarchy, highlighting the soft features of flowers, plants and trees, and reshaping the color and texture of plants.

LED outdoor lights are also suitable for squares and community scenes. They can not only provide lighting, but also make the scenery of squares and communities look more beautiful with various decorations.

LED outdoor lights can also be used for the appearance of large buildings lighting project lighting, highlighting the architectural characteristics, with the decoration of LED outdoor lights, can make these buildings look more beautiful at night, not only can make these buildings more dazzling, but also can add luster to the night scene of the city.

In the street using LED outdoor lights, LED light source of energy conservation is outstanding, suitable for urban road lighting. It adds a warm atmosphere to the street. It adds a warm atmosphere to the street.

The use of Anern LED outdoor lights, to bring you a different sense of atmosphere!

Outdoor LED Light Fixtures FAQs

Outdoor LED Light Fixtures FAQs

What brand does the power supply of Anern LED light come from?

As one of the professional outdoor LED light suppliers in China, Anern attaches great importance to product quality, and only chooses international brands for the cooperation of product parts, such as Meanwell, Mosopower, SOSEN, LIFUD, Inventronics.

Why do some LED outdoor lights flicker when turned on and off?

In most cases, flickering is caused by an incompatibility between the control system and the driver. It is recommended that you purchase a suitable driver according to the parameters specified by the LED outdoor light.

Does the LED outdoor light have an automatic switch device?

For LED street light products, you can install light controllers to automatically control switch lights, LED floodlights and LED high bay lights, etc. You can use them with remote controls or install switches to manually control them.

Whether the parts of the LED outdoor light can be repaired and replaced?

Unlike traditional traditional lamps, basically any part of LED outdoor lamps can be repaired and replaced. You just need to replace the damaged parts and your light will work fine again.

What does CRI represent for LED lights?

CRI, short for Color Rendering Index, measures the ability of a luminaire to display the color of an object under ideal or natural light sources such as the sun. The higher the CRI, the more accurate the color representation.

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