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Solar Accessories

Anern's solar energy storage accessories mainly include affordable solar panels, solar photovoltaic inverters, solar photovoltaic energy storage cabinets, solar battery wholesale, and solar controllers for sale. Most of the solar energy storage accessories products are Anern patented products with self-designed appearances, which are very different from other similar products on the market in terms of quality and style. Solar energy storage accessories are mainly used in solar power supply systems and are used in conjunction with other solar energy accessories to achieve the effect of power supply.

Solar Accessories

Guides To Anern Solar Accessories

  • Solar panel

The solar panel is the core component of the solar photovoltaic power generation system and has the highest value. The solar panel absorbs sunlight, converts the radiant energy of the sun into electrical energy, and transmits the electrical energy to the battery for storage for use by the load.

  • Solar photovoltaic inverter control machine

The solar photovoltaic inverter control machine integrates the functions of the controller and the inverter into one machine, converts the electrical energy stored by the solar cell into usable electricity, and provides AC power to the load for use.

  • Solar photovoltaic energy storage cabinet

The solar photovoltaic energy storage cabinet integrates a controller, an inverter and a battery. After connecting the solar panel, it can directly supply power to the load.

  • Solar energy storage battery

Solar energy storage battery is divided into storage battery and lithium battery, which mainly store the electric energy generated by the solar battery and supply power directly to the load.

  • Solar photovoltaic controller

The function of the controller is to balance the various components of the solar power supply system, protect the battery and display various working states of the power generation system.

Anern Solar Accessories For Different Solar Power Applications

  • Household solar power supply system

Low-power solar accessories for home can form a small power supply system, and can be formed into an off-grid power supply system or a grid-connected power supply system to provide electricity demand in places with small electricity demand.

  • Commercial use of solar power systems

Industrial-grade high-power solar energy storage accessories can form a large-scale industrial power supply system, as well as an off-grid power supply system or a grid-connected power supply system, providing stable and efficient power and solving electricity demand.

anern solar accessories for different solar power applications

Anern-Your Solar Accessories Expert

Anern focuses on the manufacture and export of solar energy storage accessories, which are mainly used for wholesale and distribution.

  • Our factory and manufacture

Anern has professional production workshops and production lines for solar energy storage products, fully automated solar energy production, and technical assurance. All solar energy storage products are manufactured by Anern factories, which have great advantages in quality, appearance, and price, and are highly competitive. They are the first choice for solar wholesalers and solar wholesale distributors.

  • Our Brand

Anern has a professional R&D team and design team to design and develop a variety of patented products, including Anern patented solar inverter all-in-one machine, Anern patented solar energy storage cabinet, Anern patented solar lithium battery and Anern patented solar lithium battery Patented solar controller. At the same price, you cannot find solar products and solar power accessories products with the same high quality in the market, and the brand of Anern guaranteed quality.

Accessories Used in Solar Installation

Solar panels: These are the main components of a solar installation and are used to convert sunlight into electricity.

Inverter: Anern solar inverter is used to convert the DC (direct current) electricity produced by the solar panels into AC (alternating current) electricity that can be used in homes and businesses.

Charge controller: A charge controller is used to regulate the amount of power that goes into the battery bank and prevent overcharging or undercharging.

Battery bank: This is where excess power generated by the solar panels is stored for later use.

Mounting structures: These are used to securely attach solar panels to the roof or ground.

Wiring: Wiring is used to connect the different components of the solar installation and transport the electricity generated by the solar panels to where it is needed.

Monitoring system: A monitoring system is used to keep track of the performance of the solar installation and detect any issues that may arise.

Disconnect switch: A disconnect switch is used to disconnect the solar installation from the power grid in case of maintenance or repair work.

Circuit breaker: A circuit breaker is used to protect the solar installation from overloading and short circuits.

Combiner box: A combiner box is used to combine the output from multiple solar panels into a single cable for easier connection to the inverter.

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