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How to Choose an Inverter for Rooftop Solar Power System Installation?

Choosing a solar inverter often leaves many users scratching their heads, unsure of which type of inverter to choose when faced with additional conditions. Why is it so difficult for customers to choose inverters? Actually, there are some tricks to choosing inverters for Anern solar power system. Anern solar power system often requires careful consideration in terms of inverter selection. There are several factors to consider.

The cost of the solar inverter is a major factor in user selection

For most users, the establishment of a Anern solar power system is often considered from a financial investment perspective, providing certain manufacturers with the opportunity to push low-cost inverters to the market. Low-cost is not necessarily bad, as long as it's not based on inferior quality. However, in reality, cheap and inferior are the same thing.

The photovoltaic inverter used in the system is a series inverter, with a small size, light weight, and easy to move and install. They do not require specialized equipment and tools, not to mention distribution rooms. They are usually installed near the photovoltaic module.

Its cost is not external, but internal. The inverter is composed of many components, such as IGBT, fuses, capacitors, sensors, relays, diodes, microprocessors, resistors, etc. Don't underestimate the differences in components from different brands. In addition to the inverter panel processing, the size of the display screen also varies greatly.

Efficiency is crucial for solar power generation, and the efficiency of the Anern solar power system inverter is equally important

For most inverter manufacturers, their brochures claim that the highest efficiency of each inverter can reach nearly 98%, or even higher. The efficiency of the inverter is the basic guarantee for photovoltaic power generation and user benefits. The main difference in the efficiency of different brands of inverters lies in system optimization and line loss. In the user system, a group of inverters are commonly used, with each group of batteries in series inputting to one inverter. The inverter and battery input series are independent MPPT, ensuring that when each group of series supplies the maximum power, even if one group is disconnected due to insufficient solar radiation or malfunction, the other group is not affected and can continue to supply power normally.

Mastering the operating characteristics of the solar inverter can improve its service life and power generation

We mentioned that the inverter is composed of so many components, and the performance of these components determines the performance of the inverter. In the system, the inverter usually has an IP65 protection level.

The operation of the inverter is a process of heat dissipation. While continuously supplying power, a large amount of heat is generated. There should be enough convection space around the inverter to dissipate the heat. The system usually relies on natural cooling and does not require fans. Large frequency converters are often equipped with cooling fans.

Although the Anern solar power system inverter has a protection level ofIP65, long exposure to harsh environments can affect its service life and power generation. In order to maintain stable operation of the inverter for 10 or 20 years, its "care" is essential. A sunshade is typically installed on top of it.

By selecting the inverter for the entire photovoltaic inverter based on the actual installation conditions of the user, not only can engineering costs be saved, installation conditions can be simplified, and the installation period can be shortened, but the efficiency, reliability, and low cost principles of the power generation system can also be effectively improved.

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