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14 Sets Of 10KW Off-grid Solar Power System In Philippines

Project Name: Purchase of 14 solar power system in Philippines

Date: 13 December 2023

Project Site: Philippines

Quantity and specific configuration: 14 Sets Of 10.2KW Off-grid Solar Power System

Project description:

The solar off-grid system is an independent power supply method that does not rely on the traditional power grid. Due to the strategic location and abundant solar energy resources in the Philippines, solar power generation systems have great room for development in the Philippines, so the Philippines decided to purchase and install off-grid solar power system.


Through research and comparison of solar product companies, it was found that Anern Company’s 10.2KW off-grid solar power system is very suitable for the purchase needs of the Philippines. The 10.2KW off-grid solar system mainly consists of solar panels, inverter, and lithium battery. As the core device that converts DC power into AC power, the inverter plays an important role in the operation of solar energy systems. The lithium battery uses a high-performance processor and multi-level energy consumption management, which is suitable for long-term charge and discharge cycles and has a long service life.


The Philippines has purchased a total of 14 sets of 10.2KW off-grid solar power systems. The installation and use of these systems not only provide stable power supply for local residents and reduce the occurrence of power outages due to grid failures, but also contribute to the Philippines' energy transformation and sustainable development.



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