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100 Sets of Solar Street Lights Were Purchased And Installed In The Philippines

Project Name: Philippines Purchased and installated 100 sets of solar street lights  

Date: 20 November 2023

Project Site: Philippines

Quantity and specific configuration: 60 sets of SLA and 40 sets of SLZ solar street lights

Project description: 

The Philippines is located in the tropical region of Asia, where solar energy is abundant, making the use of solar products a common choice. In many small towns in the Philippines, road lighting facilities are inadequate and pose a major safety hazard. In order to enhance road traffic safety and improve the community environment, town leaders decided to purchase and install solar street lights.


Solar streetlights are mainly composed of photovoltaic panels, batteries, LED lights and control systems. These devices are capable of converting sunlight into electricity and storing it in batteries for use at night. At the same time, the use of LED lights can also achieve a more efficient use of energy, lower energy consumption and longer life than traditional street lights.


Through market research, we finally chose a cost-effective solar street light supplier - Anern. Anern's solar street lights not only meet international safety standards, but also can work under many complex weather and environmental conditions. After learning that Anern's solar streetlights received many positive feedbacks, the town manager decided to purchase two of the most popular streetlights - SLZ and SLA - and bought a total of 100 sets of streetlights. After the installation of the solar streetlights, road traffic safety and community environment have been significantly improved, providing local residents with safe and reliable lighting services.


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