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Solar Light Solutions

Solar lighting is based on solar energy, achieves photoelectric conversion through solar cells. During the day, battery is used to save and store energy. At night, the controller supplies power to the light source for functional illumination. Solar lighting has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, no need for complex wiring, automatic control, can change positions at any time. It has played an important role in various road projects. 

Anern solar street lights are the cleanest and the most popular renewable energy source. Solar lighting has a broad prospect.


Guides To Anern Solar Light Solutions

Anern conducts strict quality control towards our wholesale LED solar street light. Our solar street light solutions are designed with high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panels, A-class lifepo4 lithium batteries, infrared induction, remote control functions, and high-brightness LED light sources.

  • The longitude and latitude of the area where solar street lights are used, local meteorological resources, such as: monthly average solar radiation, average temperature, wind scale and other factors. According to these conditions, it is able to confirm how to configure the tilt angle and the azimuth angle of the solar panels at the peak of the local solar energy standard.

  • The power of the light source directly affects the parameters of the entire solar street light.

  • Solar street lights work every night. Through the lighting time of the solar street light, the daily power consumption and the charging current of the solar panel can be preliminary confirmed.

  • The number of consecutive rainy days that solar street lights need to remain illuminated. This demand determines the capacity of the battery to be configured and the power of the solar panel required to restore the battery capacity after rainy days.

Anern Smart Solar Light Solutions

Solar Street Lights: Anern has a wide variety of high-quality solar street lights, including integrated solar street lights, semi-split solar street lights and split solar street lights. Features include adjustable LED module, adjustable lamp body angle, high lumen and high conversion efficiency. Suitable for various road engineering projects.

Solar Garden Lights: Anern solar garden lights are beautiful in appearance, excellent in quality and economical cost. Suitable for wholesalers or distributors for commercial purposes, widely used in urban communities, parks, tourist attractions, squares and other lighting and decoration.

Solar Flood Lights: Anern solar flood lights are different from ordinary flood lights. No wiring, no AC power supply, no electricity bills. Suitable for lighting in residential squares, industrial parks, tourist attractions, green belts and so on.

anern smart solar light solutions

Anern-Innovation Solar Lights Manufacturer

Anern has always insisted on innovation and used innovation to inject vitality into brand development. Anern has a complete range, rich functions and high-quality solar lights to meet the commercial needs from different customers.

  • Our factory and manufacture

Anern has a complete production line of solar lights. From the production of parts to assembly, we strictly control the quality, only accept the highest quality product parts, and reject any secondary recycling of parts. We have a large scale which can fully meet the purchasing needs from customers.

  • Our Brand

Anern has a professional R&D and design team and has designed a series of patented solar street lights that are different from the market. Anern solar street lights have strong competitiveness in the solar energy industry. Anern has provided services for government projects in more than 200+ regions and countries around the world within 14 years of development. Anern brand is the guarantee of quality.

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