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French Polynesian purchased and installed SLZ solar street lights

Project Name: Purchase of 60 SLZ solar street lights in the French Polynesian

Date: 15 March 2024

Project Site: French Polynesian

Quantity and specific configuration: 60 Sets Of 60W SLZ solar street lights

Project description:

Not long ago, a French Polynesian customer found us on Facebook and expressed his purchasing needs. The power supply on his island is unstable, and lighting problems at night have been troubling local residents. He hopes to purchase a batch of high-quality solar street lights to provide stable lighting for the residents of the island.


After we learned about the customer's needs, we immediately had in-depth communication with him. After we introduced him to the features and advantages of SLZ solar street lights in detail, the customer showed strong interest in our products and asked questions about price, transportation and installation.


After many communications and negotiations, we finally reached a unanimous intention to cooperate. We tailor a solar street lighting solution for our customers to suit their island needs. After installing and using SLZ solar street lights, customers highly recognized the quality of the solar street light products we provided. They appreciate the high photoelectric conversion efficiency of our products, which ensures that energy can be stored to the maximum extent during limited sunlight hours and provide continuous and stable lighting. At the same time, the durability and waterproof and dustproof design of solar street lights are also in line with the complex and changeable climate conditions of archipelago countries, and can operate stably in harsh environments.


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