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Successful Implementation Of a Municipal Project (Solar Street Lights) In Peru

Project Name: Successful implementation of a municipal project (solar street lights) in Peru

Date: 18 February 2024

Project Site: Peru

Quantity and specific configuration: 200 sets of 50W-ISGL02 and 20 sets of 200W-SLX solar street lights

Project description:

This is a municipal project that took place in Peru with the support and attention of the local government. The project was handled by a Peruvian company that specializes in wholesale solar street lights. When this wholesaler was browsing our website, he saw many customers' unanimous positive comments on Anern's solar street light products, which were not only numerous but also detailed, and the quality and performance of the products were highly recognized by the customers, so the wholesaler had a strong interest in Anern's solar street lights.


This Peruvian solar street light wholesaler was deeply impressed by the huge market potential and competitive advantages of Anern's solar street light products, and decided to take the initiative to consult our sales team. Our sales team warmly welcomed the Peruvian wholesaler's inquiry and introduced the solar street light products and their advantages in detail. According to the needs of the Peruvian municipal project, the wholesaler finally decided to purchase ISGL02 and SLX. The successful implementation of this project has provided a better lighting solution for the local municipal construction and residents' life.



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