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60 Sets Of 10.2KW Off-grid Home Solar Power System In Zambia

Project Name: Zambia purchased 60 sets of off-grid home solar power system

Date: September 19, 2023

Project Site: Residential buildings of Zambia

Quantity and Specific Configuration: 60 sets of 10.2kw off-grid home solar power system

Project Description:

Zambia, an African country, one of the most sunny places, is very rich in solar energy resources. In recent years, Zambia has suffered from severe droughts and power shortages. So the Zambian government purchased 60 sets of Anern 10.2KW systems for building power supply. This power supply system consists of 24 sets of 450W solar panels, 10.2KW inverters, a combiner box, and four 48V 200AH lithium batteries, which perform extremely well and can efficiently convert solar energy into usable electricity. After installing this system, Zambian buildings can still have normal power supply without traditional energy supply. The Anern 10.2KW power supply system provides reliable electricity to buildings in Zambia, meeting most of residents’ power needs. The energy-saving and efficient performance has also been highly praised by Zambia customers.



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