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The Philippines purchased and installed ISSLC solar street lights

Project Name: Purchase of 80 ISSLC solar street lights in the Philippines

Date: 3 January 2024

Project Site: Philippines

Quantity and specific configuration: 80 Sets Of 60W ISSLC solar street lights

Project description:

As global attention to renewable energy increases, the Philippines is also actively participating in this green energy revolution. The Philippines faces pressure from energy demand due to the high cost and negative impact of traditional energy supply methods on the environment. To solve this problem, the Philippines decided to purchase and install 80 sets of 60W ISSLC solar street lights from Anern Company in order to achieve a more environmentally friendly and economical energy solution.


ISSLC solar street lights use efficient photovoltaic components and intelligent control systems, which can store energy when there is sufficient light and automatically light up at night. In addition, the street light adopts a snap-on battery box design to facilitate the maintenance of the battery and controller. It also adds an angle-adjustable light arm and two LED modules for customers to choose from, which can meet various lighting needs in different situations. .


The installation of these solar street lights has brought many benefits to the Philippines. First, it reduces dependence on traditional energy sources and lowers energy costs. Secondly, the use of solar street lights has significantly improved road traffic safety and community environment. It not only provides safe and reliable lighting services, but also contributes to urban and rural construction in the Philippines.


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