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Anern Solar Garden Light

Anern Solar Garden Light

As one of the leading solar garden light manufacturers in China, Anern has been focusing on the research, development and manufacturing of solar garden light wholesale since 2009. According to the specific technical requirements and installation site of customers, we conducted photometric research on the project, and simulated the location of our LED solar garden lights in the installation site, to provide customers with the best solution.

High-quality Solar Garden Light Wholesale

All-In-One Ultra-Thin Solar Garden Light (ISGL09)

AN-ISGL09 series is the latest design of ultra-thin solar garden light on sale. Added the product function of setting the status indicator. Autonomous development controller scheme, higher charging efficiency, faster charging.

All-in-one Solar Light With Remote Control(ISGL08)

AN-ISGL08 solar garden street light series provide a cost effective, energy efficient, and long term outdoor lighting solution.

Round Solar Garden Light(ISGL02-D)

AN-ISGL02-D solar garden street light series multi-functional integrated solar street light, Built-in intelligent microwave induction system. It can realize the day time and night time.
What Makes Anern Solar Garden Light Wholesale Stand Out?

What Makes Anern Solar Garden Light Wholesale Stand Out?

The power supply of LED solar garden lights comes directly from solar radiation, energy saving and environmental protection, and it has gradually become the first choice for family garden lights. The use of solar-powered outdoor garden lights will not generate electricity costs, simple installation and easy maintenance, long service life, the light source issued by good quality solar garden lights will not flash and leave 0 damage to the eyes, and do not need to worry about leakage and other safety risks. Anern solar garden light wholesale can be applied to different styles of courtyard design.

Long Life

Lifepo4 lithium battery,safe and durable

Intelligent Light Control

Automatic charging during the day, automatic light in the dark

Remote Control

Multiple lighting modes

Waterproof And Lightning Protection

Not afraid of heavy rain and high temperature weather

Simple Installation

No wiring required

Light Energy Charge

High efficiency solar panels can be charged even on rainy days

High Brightness LED

Color temperature is positive,long life

Multiple Scenarios

Garden, garage, hallway, etc

Highlight Home's Exterior With Garden Landscape Lighting

Highlight Home's Exterior With Garden Landscape Lighting

Highlight Home's Exterior With Garden Landscape Lighting

Solar yard light is beautiful and safe. Light is soft, not dazzling, does not produce radiation.No electricity is required to provide, easy maintenance.

The use of solar garden street lights, even if there is no wiring in the garden, can also be used, long time use of solar energy is very electricity saving, automatic charging during the day, automatic lighting after dark, very practical! Solar yard lights can also play a good role in space decoration during the day, integrating the light into the garden landscape, and highlighting the beautiful appearance of the house at night. Highlight the three-dimensional sense of the residence, beautiful and practical.

The sense of atmosphere is one of the factors that need to be considered for lighting, the house needs a sense of life and ceremony, with the light, you can do more activities in the evening, eat, drink tea, chat, barbecue and so on, the garden at night only with light can have soul. Lighting can be used to decorate and shape the atmosphere.

Anern Solar garden lights for sale provide a variety of lighting colors to add life to your home and highlight the exterior of your home.

Solar Garden Light Wholesale FAQs

Solar Garden Light Wholesale FAQs

Will solar garden lights work in the shade?

High-quality solar garden lights will still work in the shade, but the efficiency of charging will be reduced, resulting in insufficient battery power supply. As a professional solar garden light manufacturer in China, Anern recommends that you install solar garden lights in places with good sunshine conditions to give full play to the role of solar garden lights.

Can the battery of the solar garden light be replaced?

Replacement is not possible. Anern solar garden light wholesale all uses a brand-new first-class lithium battery, which has a long service life and you don't need to worry about battery wear and tear.

How many hours can solar garden lights be on when fully charged?

In 30% power lighting mode, Anern solar garden street lights can illuminate from dusk to early morning.

How long is the service life of solar garden lights?

Anern pays attention to product quality, and the service life of our solar-powered led garden lights is as long as 8 years.

What are the limitations of using solar garden lights in cold weather?

Solar garden lights will not be affected under normal circumstances in winter, but in snow days may be affected. Once the solar panels of solar garden lights are covered with snow, the solar panels will not receive enough sunshine and cannot convert enough solar energy to electricity. So the battery of the solar garden lights shall be lack of power.

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