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Solar Power System & Lighting Solutions

Anern-Solar Energy Solutions

Anern, with 15 years of experience in the energy industry, from solar systems to solar accessories, from indoor LED lighting to outdoor solar lighting, we are one of the sources to meet your diverse needs.We can tailor cost-effective and reliable solutions to your needs, ensuring an optimal return on your investment.

Solar lights: Anern solar street lights are suitable for various applications and styles, including all-in-one street lights, split street lights, and semi-split street lights. It can be applied to rural roads, highways, parks, schools, and other areas according to customer needs.

  • Eco-friendly economy

  • Intelligent management

  • Easy installation

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  • Commercial solar systems can provide your business with a return on investment, electricity savings, tax benefits, reduced carbon emissions, and protection from rising electricity bills for all of your electricity needs.

    • Field-proven design

    • High ROI

    • Reduce business operating costs

  • Residential Solar System: Residential solar systems are capable of providing enough electricity to meet all the electrical needs of a home. It is capable of supplying AC power to power all necessary applications.

    • High reliability and flexibility

    • Avoid the risk of rising grid electricity bills

    • Suitable for harsh environmental conditions

  • Solar accessories: Anern provides a series of accessories for solar and renewable energy solutions, including solar panels, lithium batteries, inverters, photovoltaic cables, photovoltaic brackets, and other solar accessories.

    • Powerful load start 

    • Maintenance free

    • Going concern

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LED lights: Anern LED lights to cover LED indoor lighting as well as LED outdoor lighting. Brighten up your commercial or residential space.

  • Affordable

  • Multipurpose Lighting

  • Environmentally friendly and reliable

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