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76 Sets of SLV Solar Street Lights In Kenya

Project Name: Purchased 76 sets of SLV solar street lights in Kenya

Date: 10 February 2024

Project Site: Kenya

Quantity and specific configuration: 76 Sets Of SLZ solar street lights

Project description:

This Kenyan customer is a professional street light buyer, providing solutions for road lighting in several cities. As this is a government project, the customer is very careful about the selection of suppliers, not only carried out a number of mail and telephone communication, but also sent a friend from China to visit our factory.


During the communication process, the customer clearly expressed their high requirements for the quality and performance of the products. They want to purchase street lights that not only have good lighting effect, but also have the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and low maintenance cost. After understanding the customer's needs, our sales staff recommended our SLV solar street light for the customer according to their specific needs.


After the installation was completed, the customer expressed high appreciation for the quality of our products and the professionalism of our sales staff, saying that the SLV solar street light purchased this time fully meets their needs, and hoped that in the future, we can establish a long-term relationship with us for more business dealings.



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