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Anern’s gel battery system was successfully installed in Kenya

Project Name: The successful installation and use of the gel battery system alleviated Kenya’s local electricity demand

Date: 8 May 2024

Project Site: Kenya

Quantity and specific configuration: 20 Sets Of Gel Batteries Solar System

Project description: As the Middle East Electricity(MEE) slowly begins, business people in the solar energy industry from all over the world gather together to explore the latest developments and business opportunities in the solar energy industry. An experienced solar wholesaler from Kenya also participated in the world's most influential power and energy professional exhibition.

Wholesalers shuttled through the bustling exhibition hall while viewing the products and technologies of various exhibitors. When he walked to the exhibition area of Anern Company, he was deeply attracted by Anern's solar products and equipment. Anern's solar product equipment is not only technologically advanced, but also exquisitely designed, and fully meets the needs of Kenya's current power market.

Under the detailed explanation of the Anern team, wholesalers became very interested in the battery system. The battery system includes solar panels, batteries, inverters, required wires, etc. After in-depth communication and exchanges, the Kenyan wholesaler and Anern Power reached a deal. The Kenyan wholesaler purchased 20 sets of battery systems at one time.

The success of this transaction not only eased the local electricity demand in Kenya, but also opened up a new situation in the Kenyan market for Anern.




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