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New Inverter and Controller Products

The low-frequency solar inverter is part of a suite of solar system products. Solar panels, controllers, inverters and batteries constitute a complete solar energy system.

Our low-frequency hybrid inverter can be used for large and small off-grid installations. Whether it be in the home, outbuildings, hotel or any project is the power range of inverters gives you a 110-240V power supply wherever you need it. Suitable for mains power unstable or often off, and important equipment that requires backup power.

New Inverter And Controller Products

This product adopts a high-precision DSP control chip, a precise detection circuit, and advanced control technology. Intelligent temperature-regulating fan, efficient heat, dissipation, extending system life.

This hybrid inverter low-frequency series has a smart LCD display. WiFi/ Remote monitoring communication(optional). Pure sine wave output, multiple working mode options.

Multiple electronic protection: short circuit protection, over-voltage and under voltage protection, overload protection, overheating/short circuit automatic restart(automatic restart three times). Wide frequency and wide voltage input, can be used for diesel/gasoline generator input. 3-Stage battery charger with configurable charging current. 8 Pre-Set battery voltages including lithium, user-defined option.

In addition to this low-frequency solar inverter, there is a new product-MPPT Solar Controller(MPK2)

MPPT Lithium Solar Charge Controller

Compared with the PWM solar charge controller, the MPPT solar charge controller can improve the control accuracy and the output power of the solar panel can be increased by 5%-30%. This solar controller is suitable for AGM, GEL, and lithium batteries.

LCD display, simple operation, detailed data real-time display.With WIFI remote monitoring and external screen control functions. Charge voltage temperature-compensated. Intelligent cooling system. The controller is used for off-grid solar systems. Provides charge and discharge management for 12-48V lithium lead acid batteries.

MPK2 solar charging controller is a multistage maximum Power point tracking (MPPT) photovoltaic cell charging controller independently developed. Its main structure adopts a Buck conversion circuit and uses a single-chip microcomputer to intelligently adjust the working point of the solar panel, so as to maximize the output power of solar panels. When the environment changes, the working point of the solar panel deviates from the maximum power point, and MCU adjusts the working point of the solar panel according to the maximum power point so that the solar panel returns to the maximum power point. Factors such as the performance of solar panels, humidity, and light intensity affect the proportion of the increase in output power. The controller is wall-mounted. Connect the terminal, so that the wiring area is larger, and the wiring is not damaged.

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