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Announcement on Misappropriation of Anern Product Promotional Materials and Trademark Infringement

Recently, it has been found that many companies have used Anern product promotional materials for advertising without our permission and violated our trademark exclusive rights, which have misled our customers and caused many adverse effects. Therefore, we would like to apologize to our customers and friends who have been concerned about the development of Anern for a long time. Anern will reserve the rights to pursue the relevant infringing party's responsibility by all necessary legal means.

Anern solemnly declare:

1. Any official information of our company will be released through the official website ( All enterprises and individuals intending to make business cooperation with us, please log on to our official website to prevent being deceived from others;

2. Any form of commercial activities without our authorization and entrustment to use Anern product pictures, videos, and unauthorized use of Anern trademarks are all infringing acts;

3. All original technologies of Anern have been protected by property rights, and all R&D and testing processes are strict and all completed by our company;

4. Anern will increase the protection to our various products. Once any infringement or violation is found, we will take all legal means to safeguard legitimate rights and interests.

Anern has always been respecting the intellectual property rights and encouraging the innovation. Anern will adhere to the concept of innovation and promote development and continuously improve product quality. In line with the original intention of customer first, we will continue to provide you with better services in the field of Solar energy and lighting. Thank you for your continuous attention and support to Anern!

Solemnly Declare!

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