Guangzhou Anern Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Anern will participate in the Nigeria Power, Light and Solar Exhibition

From September 19-21st, 2023, the Landmark Center in Lagos, Nigeria, will usher in a remarkable event------the Nigeria Power, Lighting and Solar Energy Exhibition. This highly anticipated exhibition will be held in Hall 1 (Brand Hall). Anern will also make an appearance and showcase its latest solar products, such as solar street lights, solar panels, inverters and lithium batteries (Booth NO. F59).




As one of the suppliers in the field of solar industry, Anern is committed to providing customers with efficient and reliable solar products and solutions with excellent technology and innovative spirit. At this exhibition, Anern will present its newly developed solar street lights. These street lights use solar energy to generate electricity, which not only eliminates the problem of unstable power supply, but also saves energy and reduces carbon emissions. In addition, the solar panels, inverters and lithium batteries of Anern will also be on display at the exhibition.Visitors will be shown their excellent performance and reliability.


The exhibition provides a platform for communication and learning for the power, lighting and solar industries. Anern will have the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and products, explore the development trends of solar industry. In addition, Anern is look forward to establishing partnerships with you and finding the business opportunities.


The 2023 Nigeria Power, Lighting and Solar Exhibition is about to open. Anern will bring the anticipated products and solutions to visitors. Let's welcome this exhibition and explore the future of solar energy with Anern!

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