Guangzhou Anern Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

150 Sets Of Integrated Solar Street Lights SLZ-100W In Nigeria

Project Name: Nigeria purchased 150 sets of SLZ-100W solar street lights

Date: August 28, 2023

Project Site: Urban city in Nigeria

Quantity and Specific Configuration: 150 sets of SLZ-100W Integrated solar street lights


Project Description:

As one of the major economies on the African continent, Nigeria’s road lighting has always been a problem that has troubled city managers. Due to the lack of reliable power supply and high electricity bills, the problem of road lighting in cities is becoming more and more prominent. In recent years, with the help of solar technology, some cities have begun to explore solar street lights as an alternative. As one of the industry's leading manufacturer of solar street lights, Anern's products have been receiving much attention. They purchased Anern's integrated solar street light SLZ-100W and successfully installed it on urban roads. According to feedback of users, Anern's solar street lights are excellent in terms of luminous efficiency and performance. And then they will consider purchasing big order of Anern solar street lights, and plan to gradually update the lighting equipment of urban roads in the next few years.




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