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Anern Project-Oriented Solar Street Light

Anern Project-Oriented Solar Street Light

The engineering solar light (SLZ) is an integrated solar street light composed of high-efficiency solar panels, lithium batteries, and high-brightness Bridgelux LED chips. It has a microwave motion sensor with ultra-long sensing distance. The three lighting modes can be switched remotely and are suitable for various fields such as engineering projects, urban and rural roads, highways, and parks.

Anern Project-Oriented Solar Street Light Wholesale

All-in-one Lifepo4 Battery Solar Street Light(SLZ)

AN-SLZ all-in-one solar LED street lamp is very popular in engineering lighting, which is the first choice for engineering lighting. SLZ is a cost-effective solar street light.

Split Type Lifepo4 Battery Solar Street Light (AN-SSL-I)

AN-SSL-I solar street lights adopt technical features such as high-brightness Bridgelux 3030 LED chips, lumens up to 170lm/w, and built-in large capacity LiFePo4 battery, which give them significant advantages and competitiveness in the lighting field.
Why Anern Solar Street Light Trusted By Global Clients?

Why Anern Solar Street Light Trusted By Global Clients?

As a leading company in solar application, Anern has 15 years of project experience in the solar street light industry, with excellent performance and high-quality design. Anern's R&D team is committed to continuous innovation by introducing advanced technology and materials to ensure that the performance of street lights is always maintained at the highest level. Anern's solar street light products have undergone strict testing and certification, can adapt to various harsh environments and weather conditions, and are deeply trusted by customers around the world.

High Quality LEDs

Long life, high light efficiency, able to continuously and stably provide lighting for roads

High IP Level

Waterproof grade 66, able to withstand all kinds of bad weather

Easy to Install

No need to lay cables, low maintenance costs

Customized Services

Personalized solar street light solutions can be customized according to different lighting needs

Intelligent Light Control System

Equipped with an intelligent light control system that can automatically adjust the light intensity according to the brightness of the environment.

Rich Experience

15 years of experience in solar street light projects

Anern Project-Oriented Solar Street Light FAQS

Anern Project-Oriented Solar Street Light FAQS

What's the features of Anern's Project-Oriented solar street light?

1. Adopts the most advanced solar technology and uses solar energy to power street lights.

2. It has excellent energy-saving performance. It absorbs solar energy during the day, converts it into electrical energy stores it, and uses the stored electrical energy for lighting at night.

3. It has an intelligent brightness adjustment function that can intelligently adjust the brightness according to the lighting conditions.

4. It has good adaptability and is suitable for road lighting of different sizes and needs.

How to choose Anern's different types of solar street lights?

The following factors can be considered when choosing different types of solar street lights from Anern:

1. Usage scenarios: Different usage scenarios have different requirements for the power, height and lighting range of street lights.

2. Durability and reliability: Choosing street lights with high durability and reliability can reduce the occurrence of failures and maintenance costs.

3. Budget: The price of solar street lights varies depending on the model, configuration and features. Choose the most cost-effective street light within your budget.

4. Geographical location: There are differences in sunshine time and intensity in different regions, which will affect the charging capacity and lighting time of solar street lights.

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Professional service

Focus on providing customers with one-to-one services, and one-stop solar system solutions.

Patented design products

Anern has set up a professional R&D team, 70% of the products are exclusively designed.

Worldwide partners

Anern has cooperated with customers in more than 200+ countries regions around the world, and is a reliable supplier for customers.

Factory Outlet

Anern factory covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters, and the supply capacity can fully meet any needs of customers.

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