The Benefits of Using Integrated Solar Street Light in Rural Areas
Delease Date:2021-01-18

1、Given that integrated solar light is equipped with a highly efficient solar panel along with highly efficient LEDs, long-lasting lithium battery, a smart controller as well as mounting brackets into a single unit. The advantage of integration is the easy installation of the light fixture owing to lesser components and lighter weight. Mostly, it will take only 2 people and about 5-10 minutes to couple a single integrated solar light without the use of heavy gadgets or tools.
2、Basically integrated solar street light works almost in the same way as a conventional street light. The big difference lies in the incorporation of all its components like the batteries, solar panel, controller system, and LEDs light into one. This makes it much easier to move and install in rural areas and the remote of places. Additionally, it also means it is not necessary to be connected to the grid before the street can be illuminated as the lights can operate independently of the grid and each other.
3、One of the biggest pluses of integrated solar street light is that it saves you from bogus and unnecessary expenses incur through construction, installation as well as commissioning the project. When you compare to traditional street lights you will find out that integrated solar light is mostly one-fifth of the cost of transportation of traditional ones. Also, when importing integrated solar light, you only get to spend one-tenth of the cost used for importing the commonly separated type street lights.
4、Obviously, we keep gushing over the longevity of integrated solar street light and that is because it is really worth the hype. Integrated solar light makes use of lithium battery management control technology and when compared with other light fixtures the technology set it apart. The ordinary battery used in some light fixtures last 2-3 years but the lithium battery used in integrated solar light are built to last longer. Why Solar Panel Glass Is Very Crucial When Choosing Solar Street Light with Panel? Generally, within the first 5 years of the light fixture, there shouldn’t be any need to change the battery or carry out maintenance. This is significantly reduced the need for after-sale services or replacing parts of the integrated solar light. Notwithstanding, if there is a need to carry out a replacement (usually after like 5 years) in the future then you just need a couple minutes to do that without relying on technical support or engineers guide.


Given all the benefits and features the integrated solar street light has to offer especially in rural areas. It seems a very good choice for rural lighting projects in terms of saving cost, conserving power, and longevity. Villages are sometimes located in remote areas where electricity from the power grid can’t reach. This is where integrated solar street light can prove undoubtedly useful as it can provide off-grid connections for hard to reach areas. Additionally, its easy installation means there is a chance to cut down on the cost of hiring a technician to install them as this is something that can easily install with minimum fuss.

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