How much do You Know About Color Temperature
Delease Date:2021-05-10

With its instinct advantages of long lasting, energy efficient, cost saving, robust design, environment friendly, led light has become more and more popular in our daily life. As it offers those obvious benefits to improve our lighting environment, how to choose the right led light seems have to be considered. What will the the suitable color temperature be well suit the atmosphere?Let us have a clear view on the color temperature:
What is color temperature?
Color temperature is the color of an LED light, measured in degrees Kelvin. From the perspective of lighting, most LED lights quote a white color temperature and there are typically as three types and shades of the white light: warm white, pure/nature white, and cool white.
Taking sunlight as an example, we can easily understand the different levels of the color temperature. The light at noon time is bright, even brighter when nearer the equator. While at sunrise and sunset the light goes on a more yellow or even red color. Lower color temperatures will have more yellow, and higher color temperatures will go from yellow, to pure white and finally to bluish.
Generally speaking, Warm white led light refers to a yellowish type of white, andcool white led light a bright bluish white. Somewhere in between lies the daylight "pure white", pretty much the whitest kind of white.
Here is the definition for various color temperatures from Anern:
Warm White: typically from 2600 Kelvin to 3500 Kelvin
Pure White: typically from 4000 Kelvin to 5000 Kelvin
Cool white: typically above 5500 Kelvin


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