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Solar Power System
  • MPPT Controller-Inverter

    Running directly, no need to connect Battery

    High efficiency pure sine wave inverter

    Monitor and Troubleshoot with USB/RS232, WIFI communication

    Monitor data through the mobile terminal

  • Portable Solar Generator (MPSG)

    Lithium battery portable solar generator

    The latest design of lithium battery storage solar solution

    MPPT controller

    Small size and light weight

  • Off-Grid Solar Power System

    Independently and Whole Day-Night Working

    UPS Function: Auto Switch with Grid Power

    Deep-cycle Battery Storage, 3 Days Backup

    Application: Household, School, Farm, Factory, Island, Plateau ect

  • On-Grid Solar Power System

    cially Customized as Client Requested

    Connect and Resend Extral Power to Grid Power

    PPT Inverter with Single and Three Phase Working Voltage

    Application: Household, School, Farm, Factory, Island, Plateau ect

  • Solar Water Pump System

    High precision rotor

    The shell is made of stainless steel

    Full copper wire, fully oil-immersed motor

    Stainless steel impeller

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