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Integrated Solar Street Light - The Choice of The World

For street lamps, many people are no strangers. Street lamps are mainly used to provide road lighting. For traditional street lamps, most of them are used for commercial power. For city circuit lights, in the previous years, It is a relatively good product, but with the development of the times and technology, the city's circuit lights in the process of use, the need for high electricity and maintenance costs, but also there are certain security risks, and now the country is vigorously promoting environmental protection, so solar street lights will Gradually began to replace the city circuit lights, this environmentally friendly product, in the process of starting the application, has received much attention from the society. With the development of solar street lamps, integrated solar street lamps are also well known, why do people prefer integrated solar energy? What about street lights?

1. Integrated solar street light is convenient in installation. It can be said to be a fool-type installation. It only needs to be screwed, eliminating the installation steps of traditional split solar street lamps, and also saving labor costs. Integrated solar street lights A certain upgrade was made in the design. In terms of performance, it has improved in all aspects of traditional street lamp batteries.
2, the advantages of integrated solar street lights, convenient, in the installation process, do not need to carry out the erection line, do not need to consider the concerns of power outages.
3, long service life, it is a high-tech product, high technology content, control system, and some parts are relatively reliable quality.
4, energy saving, environmental protection, it is the use of solar energy resources for the conversion of electrical energy, it can be said that it is inexhaustible. No pollution, no radiation, no noise.
5, safe, not so many cables, no electric shock, fire accidents.
6, a wide range of applications, solar energy comes from nature, so there are places where there are sunshine, can be used,
7, the appearance is relatively good-looking, more suitable for green landscape lighting configuration, as well as some high-end residential and some tourist attractions.
Anern Integrated Solar Street Lights have the advantages of appearance, performance, quality and cost performance. They have been recognized by customers all over the world and appear in various parts of the world, such as the United States, Mexico, the Philippines, Cambodia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, etc. Illuminate the roads around the world.
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