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The Most Beatiful Solar Street Light
The function of street lamps has always been seen as just lighting. Maybe you have thought about street lights or can they be used as decorations?
The solar apple street light launched by Ya Neng is such a product, and in addition to large and small roads, it can also be installed in parks, courtyards, walls and other places where high-power street lamps are not suitable for installation, making up for this. vacancy.

Moreover, in order not to affect the appearance of the environment, the shape of the Apple street lamp adopts a design different from that of the ordinary street lamp, and the flat appearance and the single direction illumination are abandoned. The apple street lamp adopts the design of the circular light bulb, and the illumination angle is wider. To enable pedestrians to see more landscapes.

In addition, the solar panel angle of the street lamp can be freely adjusted to the place where it can receive the sun. It is fully powered, and the color temperature is 3000-6500K. From warm light to ordinary white light to sunshine, it can meet different occasions.

Today, solar apple street lights can be seen on school roads, parks, family villas, pedestrian streets, and even roads.

In Saudi Arabia, after a customer installed a solar apple street light, this scene appeared:

On both sides of the cross-shaped road in the town, there are street lamps with peaches and apples. The surrounding gardens in the town area are full of peach blossoms and apple blossoms. The gesture is like a real flower, and the road people are stuck on the road. Can't help but pick up the phone and take a photo with the camera.

Since the installation of the streetlights, the people in the town have been paying attention to it. A passerby said: "When it was installed, this road was an apple light. The road was a peach lamp. When the flowers in the center garden were opened, Better to see, this light is very suitable here, many people are still taking photos here at night.” The passerby went on to say: Now look at the light, feel comfortable in the road, the street is good, the mood is A lot better, now we go to other places, look at it, not as good as ours.

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