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Solar Street Lighting Application in New Rural Areas
    With the continuous adjustment of energy structure during recent years of 21st century and growing demand for energy, solar energy receives more and more people's attention as its renewable, environmental protection, pollution-free, widely distributed features. More and more local governments are optimistic about solar street light appliances. Road lighting especially solar street lighting is applied gradually from the edge of the city road lighting to the main road lighting, even landscape lighting direction.

    In recent years, Qinghai Province spares great efforts to develop solar street light project due to its good sunlight conditions, just like Ge’ermu city has installed nearly 2,500 sets of solar street light during the past three years; throughout Northern China, solar street lighting project is everywhere, Baoding of Hebei Province began to build solar power in the city as early as the end of the century. Solar street lighting has been replaced for the entire city, basically non-trunk road lighting. Also the Beijing municipal government promotes in the 13 suburban and rural promotion, "light up” solar street light project in new rural areas comes to the forefront of the country in the solar street light applications, only in two years (2006~2007), Beijing has already installed nearly one hundred thousand sets of solar street light, making huge contribution for the promotion of China's solar street light applications.

     Needless to say, as the solar street light application growing in a high pace, the local governments implement policy vigorously to develop solar street lighting. Meantime it should be said, solar street lighting becomes more and more mature after the rapid development in recent years, with its advanced, stable, mature, intelligent control technology, remarkable energy-saving features, short investment cycle, easy maintenance and recognized by the public, but the solar street light still exposes some problems while it brings profit to us. Accordingly, public opinions on it are divergent and mixed.

    Generally speaking, the reasons mainly focus on short lighting time, low brightness, short life span of individual components. On the other hands, the source of this problem comes from different capacity of solar street light manufacturer. In a word, solar street light is mainly provided by the suppliers of some system integrators. They do not produce any product, and the part manufacturers solar street light also differs in thousands of ways.
    Therefore, we are still facing many problems in construction and management of solar street light projects, and what we do is to analyze the main problems existing in the construction of solar street light and find the proper solution to improve the server condition currently.
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