INTEFLY New Product Smart Solar Street Light Is Coming Now
Delease Date:2021-03-12

ANERN Intelligent street light is a new multi-functional urban street light which integrates lighting, Music player, video presentations, camera surveillance, environmental monitoring, one-button alarm, emergency charging, Street lighting network GPS positioning and WiFi hot spots.


INTEFLY Smart solar street light have various new function and combine the most advanced technology in solar street light. For example, it included Led Lighting System,Sound System,Alarm Flash, AI Camera,Multimedia Advertising Screen,One-Button Alarm,AP Hot Spots,4G/5G/Wifi/ Network Cable Communication,Network Of Sub-Road Lamps and some Additional Modules.

It has 1-4 free choices of lighting heads four directions,It has the functions of time control, light control, human body induction and remote control of mobile terminal /PC terminal. Also remote voice dialogue can be conducted by combining the microphone with the button switch. Support 4G/5G/WIFI/RJ45 network port for network connection.The network of the street light system can be connected to the Internet through AP hot pots. Street lighting system can be connected to the outer network through 4G/5G/WIFI/ network cable. Through Bluetooth wireless networking, a main lamp can be combined with multiple sub-lamps. It includes wind speed sensor, wind direction sensor, environmental monitoring sensor, 5G base station and automobile charging pile.

This is a total new concept of solar street light. It has intelligent regulation and it Integrated Camera And Lighting, can be connected by mobile phone and PC though WIFI/4G.If the street light system has been connected to the public security system, after touching the alarm switch, it will simultaneously dial the alarm phone and send the location of the alarm to the public security system to quickly eliminate the dangerous situation.If you need to contact someone emergency in case of your mobile phone is out of power, you can charge your mobile phone in emergency. ANERN Smart solar street light is mainly used for parks, communities, security areas and so on.

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