How Solar Lighting Can Make Our Communities Safer
Delease Date:2022-02-25

A recent article published in the Morning Peninsula News highlights the community push for safely illuminated public spaces such as pedestrian walkways.
Many communities decided to install solar street lamps in the community. Street lamps not only beautify the community environment, but also illuminate the "last small step" of residents' way home, providing safety guarantee for residents' night travel.
The community will adhere to the guidance of residents' needs, take exquisite community construction as the starting point, give full play to the important role of volunteers in community governance, and strive to build the community into a happy home for co construction, CO governance and sharing.


According to relevant research, the installation of street lamps can not only reduce the risk of crime, but also reduce the occurrence of accidents.
we are strong advocates for illuminating parks, pathways and opens spaces with clean, solar energy to improve public safety.
However, the biggest challenge that organisations and businesses face with installing lighting in public spaces is the bottom line –cost.
One of the many benefits with solar lighting is that it eliminates the need for groundworks, saving local authorities and facilities managers money on installation and by reducing power consumption.
Thanks to solar lighting technology, essential projects that were previously deemed unviable due to high installation costs are now possible.

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