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15KW On Grid Solar System Features1

Customized system design provided with full consideration of your weather condition and system consumption


15KW On Grid Solar System Features2

Whole system components could be provided which save you a lot of time and money


15KW On Grid Solar System Features3

More than 5 years' project experience, Anern has acumulated rich experience in dealing related issues

15KW On Grid Solar System


On Grid Solar System is used for area with stable grid power supply.This System is connected to the grid, but there is no battery back-up which is the most simplest and least expensensive system to set up.  All that is included is the PV array, an inverter, AC service entrance and utility me



Ref No. ON-SP-15KW
Solar Panel Max Output Power: 15000W
Solar Panel
Type Polycrystalline Silicon PV Module 60pcs
Max Power 250W
Vmp 30.5V
Imp 8.20A
Size 1655*992*45 mm
Weight 22.5kg/pc
25 years power output guarantee
On-grid Inverter
Max. DC Input Power 15800W 1 set
Max. DC Input Voltage 1000V
MPPT Voltage Range 380~850V
Rated AC Output Power 15000W
Max AC Output Power 15000W
Grid Voltage 3 / N / PE, 230V/400V
Grid Frequency 50/60; -3, +1.5
Max. Efficiency 98.0%
Power Factor >0.99
Guard Level IP65
Display LCD
Warranty 5 years
Solar Panel Rack
Type Slope steel tile roof type mounting rack
Aluminum structural fittings
(Other type of mounting racks can be customized)
1 set
International standard, with specification suitable for solar system, RVV series 150m


1.schools, hospitals, public halls or private housing, communication stations, weather station.
2.household appliances, lighting, communications equipment, meteorological equipment.

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